Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Restless and teary eyed

So no running since Friday. Long run Sunday didn't happen thanks to the crazy weather we had here. It was literally a rotating cycle of rain, hail and snow. Plus Hubs was working and before he got home Trouble was feverish and cranky with Bug's virus. Booo.... We're currently on day 3 of it and I'm praying its over soon. We're supposed to go down to my Inlaws for Easter and I need Trouble to be well for then.

So yeah 4 days of no running so far. I'm getting ansty. I'm getting worried about what this means for my training, mostly I think because I'm ansty, since I know I'm fine. But when you're stuck on the couch with an feverish clingy 4 year old who needs to be touching you in some form to sleep for hours at a time, you're mind starts to wander. Today Bug has Karate and Hubs (I really need to get a nickname for him) has the dentist so if I run tonight it'll literally be a last minute thing.

Thankfully for a while I was able to watch the Boston Marathon yesterday. Please someone tell me I wasn't the only one who was getting teary eyed watching them start and finish. When I was telling Hubs about the amazing 2:03:01 finish he asked if I cried. I think he knows me well. In every race I've done since my first in October 2009 I've gotten teary eyed at the finish. Actually for my first half I did cry a bit after I crossed the finish line. I'm forcasting when I do my first full I'll be bawling like a baby. Maybe I should get a shirt with "Its my first Marathon" on the back so everyone will know I'm just being emotional and not injuried.

Fingers crossed Trouble feels better today and goes to school tomorrow. I need to get out there.


  1. OMG, I'm SO glad I'm not the only one who got teary eyed...I saw the first 1/2 hour of the women's race and the start of the men's...and as I watched I could feel myself welling up and I was thinking man, I must be crazy. Then when I'm reading people's race reports or blog posts that they'd finished, I got all teary eyed again. and when I saw pictures and read about teh kick ass time the winners did their runs, I cried again. It never used to get to me but I think because I have a tiny tiny tiny taste of what it feels like to have to dedicate so much time for a race and having to run when I don't feel like it...I can relate to them.