Monday, April 11, 2011

Last Day of 28!

That's right. Yesterday was my last day as 28.

Today I woke up to the joys of 29!

It was a great weekend. First Hubby's brother came by with his family. My newphew is adorable. And they are expecting another little one is June so I can't wait for another little baby to be around. After they left Hubs best friend came over and we enjoyed some yummy pizza. With lots of water.

Sunday started off great too. I woke up and saw that it was supposed to be thunderstorms and not just regular rain so I got out there to get my 16k long run in. I'm loving that the rec paths are all clear so I'm doing all my long runs on the actual race route for May. I'm going to own that course. As I was headed out after 3k I came across a water station and pilons. Ohhhh theres a race. I got to about 7k and there was the start of a 10k/5k race. I went passed the start another 1.5k before I had to turn around. Thankfully the 10kers had already taken off by time I got back to the starting line. But as I was going by the 5kers started. So I ran the first 3k of a 5k race.

It was interesting since they had to go through parts of the path in certain ways while I didn't so when I would try to go different someone would stop me and I was constantly having to tell them that I'm not in the race. Just a regular run. But it felt great that for a good chunk (about 5k) of my run I was keeping it near a 6:00/km pace and it felt ok. It was heavy breathing but it wasn't exhausting me like it ususally would. That made me feel great since I was getting bummed that I was doing that pace most of last year and this year I was slower. Just as I was finishing up my run the first claps of thunder came so I made it home at the best time.

After I showered and changed we headed out for brunch and went back to Dr. Generosity. The yummy place we went after Bug's race. Yes we went to other side of the city for food. And it was so worth it. Both Hubby and I had the blueberry/banana stuffed french toast. *Cue the angels choir please* The rain stopped and it turned into a wonderfully warm and sunny afternoon. We walked around and just enjoyed hanging out.

The only downside is that I wasn't drinking water for most of the day so I ended up with a killer headache by time we got home. So my eveing was watching tv and slowly getting more water back into me.

So 28 ended wonderfully and today its off a great start for the last year of my 20s!