Friday, April 15, 2011

Foto Friday!

Since I missed TTT yesterday I figured I had to get in for this one.

Bug had a fever for the past couple days so I didn't get out as planned but thankfully my schedule is pretty easily moved around and I still got my runs in. Wednesdays Hill training got moved to this morning.

and the hill?
Here it is.

and that's not even all of it. It curves more after that initial turn and gets a bit more steeper.I tried to get a picture of all of it but I would have to be on the road next to it and there would be a bunch of smaller trees in the way. I am crazy and do prefer short and steep to long and gradual any day.

On the path I like to run on there is a bunch of spray painted stuff written on there. Nothing bad just a bunch of names and there is a happy birthday too. But my favourite is this one.

I always feel like I need to step on it at least once in my runs.

Do you see any graffiti while out that makes you smile?


  1. aww, cool graffiti! i always forget to bring my iphone with me so i can take pics on my run...must remember to do it next time!

  2. I think that looks steep and long. Is that the one near Old Mill? Hope you get back to it soon!