Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bug's Race

As you all know Bug ran the Kid's Fun run at Harry's Spring Run Off yesterday. They started at the 5k start and ran around the corner basically to the 8k start. It was 800 meters. Not a full kilometer but they wanted to use what they already had set up.

At the start

While running (I really commend those who do the whole running and take pictures thing, cause its hard.)

Crossing the finish line.

I had jumped up on the curb so I could get this shot and he had started to follow me I had to go back a bit to tell him to go under the arch.

My proud boy

They didn't time it and I forgot to set my watch so we're not sure how fast, but we do know it was lots of fun.

We saw that some kids around his age were doing the 5k with their parents and he asked if we could do that race next year. Espeically when he heard that the 5kers get medals. Looks like I got plans next spring.


  1. SO ADORABLE!! The kids at the Harry race were
    the cutest!

    I love that Bug wants to do the 5K. You definitely have plans next spring!

  2. ha ha, i love the second picture...a total action shot! so cute!

  3. Congrats! Looks like he had a great time, and he is so cute!