Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy December!

Well the countdown to Christmas is basically on! Its not quite offical in our house till the 8th. The 7th is Trouble's birthday so I like to wait till afterwards to fully decorate so his day isn't taken over by the hoildays.

We started baking cookies yesterday. We did some sugar cookies and some molasses gingerbread cookies(Hubby did those ones). Today we'll decorate the sugar ones and start to fully love December.

The weather here is crappy. Like really crappy. Those who have snow? I'll trade ya for our rain. This morning it started out at around 6C(42F)and was only going to get colder. The light rain we were having was supposed to turn to rain/snow this afternoon(which it did). So decisions, decisions.... Do I run in the rain in the daylight or wait for the snow and dark?

I ran in the rain. I love running on the first of the month. Its like recharging and setting the standard. I went out and got 6.5k(4 miles) in. The rec trail I usually run on has a creek next to it. Man it was really barreling by this morning. Saw none of the regulars and I don't blame them at all. I saw a couple people walking their dogs and I got a couple "shes crazy smiles" or just a stare from one lady. Also I did see one other runner and from her reaction I bet we were both thinking "YEAH! I'm not the only crazy one out here in this!!" Thankfully tomorrow the rain should be done and I can get out there again with less lake puddle jumping.


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