Friday, December 10, 2010

I should be good now.

Well considering I have a 10k race on Sunday, I figured I should give 10k a go today for my run. I've done 8k and lots and lots of 6.5k runs. But for some reason I've stopped doing 10k or more. So today I did it. I ususally do it in about an hour and I did today. I didn't feel the greatest for parts of it but I know thats partially because I didn't eat much before heading out. I wasn't staying hydrated very much.

I really wasn't taking care of myself. This time of year things tend to get hectic and some things tend to drop a bit. Sadly for me it was important things. But I know I could do the 10k and not die. (I knew I wouldn't, but I thought it would be harder to do)

I've already spent the rest of the day drinking my water, eating the good healthy stuff. Taking care of me.

Now that said. Sunday's race is sooo not something I'm even remotely thinking of PRing in. First off that there's be like no real training. Second "The Weather Gods" are calling for a 90% chance of snow/rain. It's supposed to be in the + side so that'll be nice but we're running next to the lake so the winds might be rough.

We'll see I'm running for fun and well for the medal you get afterwards.

runs - 6+8.3+10 =24.3
F&V - 4 (see it was a crappy week)
Low impact - 1
Total - 29.3


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