Thursday, December 16, 2010

Three Things Thrusday

1. Soooo last night was our boy's school's Christmas concert. They were so adorable and thankfully niether of them froze on stage. Bug's class did two poems and the second one was about Aunty Flo who sends pairs of underwears every year. They ended it by pulling underwear out of gift wrapped boxes. The audience loved it. Seeing all the little undies was funny. Trouble's class did a song and while he did do all the actions, he also threw in some of his bum shake moves into it. Thankfully its all on video to embares them in a couple years.

2. Broke out the running tights for yesterday's run. Very happy I did so, because even though my legs were a bit red when I got home they didn't feel cold while out and well that's what counts right. I also got myself a thick fleece headband thing since I can't do winter hats when running. I think I might be winter ready almost.

3. No run today. Trouble was up constantly last night. I can't even remember if I started my coffee yet. It's so hard when they're up and crying but can't or won't tell you whats wrong. So you can do nothing but hold a crying kid. For one it pulls on your heartstrings and two its annoying because you're tired and just want to sleep. I think there was 5 times he woke up. Of course the last time was at 5:30 am and he wanted to watch cartoons since he got enough sleep somehow within the night.


  1. Cute about the concert. Make a copy of the video, because one of them will surely try to destroy it as a teenager.

    I feel for you on the sleep thing. Spud was up half the night too because he's got a cough. It makes it so hard to function during the day. It's worse then it used to be because I'm no longer accustomed to zombie-ism.