Saturday, December 4, 2010

Busy week

So much so that I would think of things that I would want to blog about but then of course I'd forget them. Blah!

So big mismash of things today.

Hubby was invested as a Beaver Troop Leader earlier this week. It was cute. Theres a book that the leaders read to the Beavers and thats where they get the leader's nicknames. They even let the kids pick. So Hubs is now Scouter Ringtail, or just Ringtail. I love that he got one of the more fun names. I think he does too.

Bug made me crack up laughing yesterday with a conversation we had on the way to the bus stop. Something like this.

Bug "I wonder what car we'll get"
Me "We have a car honey and we're not getting a new one yet."
Bug "No for when me and M get grown up" (That's his little girlfriend)
Me "Oh I dunno they'll probley have lots of new kinds of cars then" (remember they're 5)
Bug "Yeah, Maybe a van to hold all our babies would be good."
Me (trying not to laugh too much)"Yeah a van sounds good."

Of course I shared it with M's mom and she thought it was awesome too. My kid is quite the planner.

I don't think I have many or any local mom's looking for preschools in my area reading this blog but I have to speack of the awesome
Dentonia Park Nursery School. Both of my boys went there and loved the amazing teachers. Its a cooperative school so families are really invovled and its a great way to get your little ones ready for big kid school. Honestly I miss it.

Last night was the auction that raises tons of money for the school (its a non-profit school) and past parents are invited to attend and check things out and have a great time talking and big on items.

I walked away with a 1 hour massage and 2 chiropractice appts. A 3 month pass to Goodlife. and a cute backpack about half full of candy(ring pops and such)Anyone need some stocking stuffers?


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