Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Baby its cold outside

Its cold out.

Like really cold. (ok fine its not to bad without the wind)

Ok some of you have it way colder out but whatever I'm complaining anyways.

The worst part is there is a wind tunnel on the street where the boy's bus stop is so yesterday I was supposed to run but the winds (thanks to the tunnel thing) were practically pushing Trouble over (hes tiny at only 30lbs)and in my running gear I couldn't imagine running in that. So I went back home and did a DVD instead. Of course I remembered about the wind tunnel when I had to go out to get more wrapping paper and it wasn't too bad anywhere else. D'oh!

So today I was ignoring the damned wind tunnel and getting out and getting my 8k in. The wind were better today but man I felt so sluggish and blah out there today. I had no trouble keeping it up and moving but my legs felt stiff the whole time. Thank goodness for mental muscle. And surprisingly most sidewalks were cleared down to the pavement so I didn't have to worry about slipping anywhere.

But once I was home, man it took forever to warm up. I drained all and I seriously mean all the hot water in the tank on trying to warm up. I drained my coffee in record time getting the warmth of it in me. Thankfully it was floor washing day so that warmed me up and got rid of the chill.

Trouble had a speech therapy assessment this afternoon so after that the Christmas tree is going up finally! We wait to decorate the inside of the house till after his birthday so it doesn't get taken over by the holidays. But by Dec 8th? All bets are off baby and up the stuff goes.


  1. Cold is all perception. I was whining about temperatures a month ago that I happily run in now. So, even if it's not that cold compared to some places, it still feels cold to you. Good for you for getting out in it!

    We used to have a tankless hot water system in our old house. I miss the endless hot water it brought...