Thursday, November 25, 2010

Three Things Thrusday!

1. Of course a very Happy Thanksgiving Wish goes out to all those in the States. Enjoy some pumpkin pie for me. Just a little slice.

2. Christmas shopping will be done this weekend. The little boys are being shipped off to Nana and Papa's house for a sleepover so Mommy and Daddy can get gifts. This is honestly going to be the first year in forever that we won't be scrambling at the malls the week before Christmas. I think I like it already.

3. Last night I made 80 little enchilada triangles with phyllo. It look like these.

Hubs work does a group potluck and groups of 4 each week over 4 weeks do a themed lunch. His was mexican and so thats what I made. For some reason he didn't want to bring a dessert (weirdo). I'll find out later what everyone thought. and Yes I did make the sauce too, that'll be for dipping.


  1. Yum! Anything in pastry sounds good to me! You're an amazing wife for making your husband's work snacks - he better appreciate you!! I only have one Christmas present to buy this year and I don't even need to go to the mall!!

  2. Oh I wish I didn't have to touch the mall, Lucky you!

  3. I'm doing as much online shopping as I can manage this year. I'm hoping to keep last minute shopping to a minimum. Good luck with the mall! On a weekend too...