Monday, December 13, 2010

Tannenbaum 10K

Thats me in the pink BTW, on the way to the finish.

Well for some reason I was nervous in the morning from the time I got up till we lined up at the starting line. Now I can see that it was because I wasn't excited or sure about what I got myself into.

I got up at 7 and got some coffee and breakfast in me to wake up. By 8 I was dressed, had at least 3 bathroom breaks and was ready to head out the door. I took the bus down so no one would have to get up in the rainy weather. I got down to the Running Room store hosting and dropped my bag off and waited inside with the other runners.

I got into a conversation with a women wearing the Vibram shoes. Then another lady joined in and that really calmed the nerves down. Apparently the first lady's husband was running barefoot in the race and normally does. His secret? Keeping crazy glue on hand should he get a cut or something. hmmm. Finally it was start time so we headed outside to the starting line.

The race capped out at 250 people I think.
THIS is the link to the route. There were huge puddles right at the start so there was lots of bumping into people. But we got past that and got on the trail. KM 1 and 2 felt great. I was thinking it wouldn't be too bad. Aside from some of the runners who weren't looking out for others before moving around the path. Or the couple times when we encountered big puddles and some wouldn't move over so the person next to them got a soaker.

Starting really feeling the winds in km 3-4 but from 4-8 when we were going in the opposite direction the winds were crazy! I'd see the people in front of me and behind me and we'd all be walking since we were running about that fast anyways. As soon as the wind would shift even a tiny bit on angle we'd all get back going but of course be stopped again and walking into the wind.

Turning the corner around 8km was HEAVEN!! There was a dad with his little girl manning the turnaround and she was so cute giving high fives to everyone as they went by. Feeling the wind push you towards the finish was amazing. I was able to catch my breathe and let my legs go. I definitely let the winds carry me to get me going.

Of course there was a bit of headwind heading back but knowing there was less than 1km to go just got me through it and powering as much as I could so it could be over. Yeah the big puddles were still there but I just went right through them. I already had soakers so really it didn't matter at that point.

Finish time of 1:03:xx

I didn't stick around since I knew I wasn't about to get any awards. I was getting cold and since I forgot to bring a change of clothes, grabbing a coffee and heading home were my only thoughts.

Once I got home I lost my medal to the kids. They thought it was awesome and it became an award for their stuffies for a while. Hubby sent me right up to the bathtub so I could warm up since he could see how frozen I had gotten.

All in all, would I do it again? If I had someone to run with, sure. The unpredictable weather definitely means needing the extra support.


  1. Congrats Jessica! Not a nice day for racing, that's for sure. Way to tough it out!

    Crazy glue, huh? never would have thought of that. I think I'll stick with shoes!