Saturday, December 18, 2010

Break Time

Today is the first offical day of Christmas break here at our house. Thankfully I won't have to worry to much about getting runs in. The only questionable days are this upcoming Monday or Tuesday. But its a case of making sure I head out after Hubby gets home from work. Wednesday till Sunday we'll be at my parents and I can head out for a bit there and leave the boys with my parents. Then Hubby is off for the second week of break so thats easy to still get the runs in at my regular time or maybe a bit earlier.

I only have 27.5 more km to go till I reach 900 for the year. Didn't really start the year with any kind of goal but while its not the 1000 mile challenge that some are doing I know for a fact I can do over 1000km next year with my goals in mind.

Speaking of..... What plan did anyone whos done a full marathon use for their first?

I figure if this is something I want to do I should look at plans and how to make it possible and see how it will affect the family schedule and you know get the Hubby's support.


  1. I used the schedules off this site (listed under the training tab):

    there's ones for the half and full, hopefully these will give you an idea of the times for scheduling.