Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Same old same old

Route that is. I generally do the same route all the time.I start at my house and then go around the corner-ish to the parking lot of the local Rec Trail. Its 3k from parking lot to parking lot. If I finish back at the first parking lot its my usual 6.5k route. If I decided to battle the long gradual hill back home its 7k.

I like watching the seasons change. I like watching the frost that's covering parts of grass be rampant at the start of my run and come back and the sun has melted it.

But I mostly like the regular people I see. We never do more than a "Hi" or "How are you?" or even just a wave or a nod but we're used to seeing each other.


- Beard guy with his white huskey, I usually see them twice.
- Happy guy with his huge smile, I see him on the way out. He has one leg that doesn't bend properly.
- A group of 3-4 that walk their 6 dogs together.
- Two older men who get into debates over things as they walk the path together everyday.
- My group of Asian exercisers as I call them, there's like 12 or so of them who walk to the Dawes rd parking lot and do stretches and maybe some Tai chi. I see about half of the group as they walk the path to the parking lot on my way out. The men always say "Hi" The women usually wave.
- There's one women who does Tai Chi at the other end of the 3k path by herself. She told me once when I mentioned the other group that its too distracting with others.

There are usually other runners or people out walking their dogs that we always say Hi or wave. Maybe they'll become regulars too. I just hope as it gets colder out I don't lose all my people, who would I say Hi too?


  1. I run the same route on my weekday runs too! I was actually thinking last night that I need to start mixing it up so I don't die of boredom, but I don't have any "regulars" that I see all the time!!

  2. Definitely fun to see the same people, but there is something really fun about being the only person out to.. it's like the whole world is quiet just for you