Thursday, November 18, 2010

La la la I can't hear you...

..... apparently that's what some (not all of course) of those who run natural think about those that run with music.

I've read this opinion on running message boards before and never really thought much of it. I mean sure whatever, I don't usually think to much of it. I read an article in the latest issue of Runner's World where two people debated running with music and did some pros and cons to it. The Con person kept bringing up that listening to music means you're not listening to your body and your breathing and footfalls. Oh and not paying attentions to surroundings.

Its pointless to run if you're going to be wired. How does that help you disconnect from the busy life so you can unwind and focus on all the wonderful things around you? Sometimes the music helps me unwind. Sometimes hearing a great song can take my mood from crappy to happy and can even put my mind in the zone so I can focus.

I dunno about you, but maybe I don't have my tunes cranked high enough but I can definitely still hear and am aware of my breathing. and if I'm hearing my footfalls its because my form is off and I need to fix to it. and I wasn't aware that listening to music while running also made you blind, I always thought the Church said it was something else that did that but, oh well. I can still see the cars next to the sidewalk I'm on, I am fully aware of where the crosswalks are. Really the only danger is if those around me hear me sing along with whatever I'm listening to. I could scar them.

In all seriousness, I get the issues. If I'm bringing music on a run (if I'm not on the rec paths), I only use 1 of my ear pieces so the other ear can hear things around me. And of course I don't use music for every run. Maybe a bit more than half involve music.

What about you? Do you run with music?


  1. I run with music sometimes, though not always. I enjoy both experiences. I'm like you, I can still hear everything around me even with headphones in both ears. I've been running at the track this week, and I had a full conversation with a guy while my music was on.

    I also enjoy running without it sometimes, particularly if it's a beautiful day and I'm in a great mood. I sometimes feel very zen-like.

    I do think everybody that races should be able to run without, since some races don't allow it. Aside from that, as far as I'm concerned, everyone should do what works best for them.