Friday, November 12, 2010

No Run = No Coffee

Am I the only one who's stomach can't handle coffee before a run? It always gets things going, even if it doesn't need going. We'll leave it at that. Last night I was stupid and jinxed myself. Getting ready for bed I was telling The Hubby that now that Trouble has been finally sleeping through the night and therefore so was I (getting 8-9 hours each night wohoo!) I was more tired when the alarm goes off now than I was when I was getting up countless times at night.

So you can all see where this is going right? Apparently I didn't. :(

I spent most of the night getting Trouble back to sleep. Though the majority of it I don't think he was fully awake for. But true to my word I was up easily at 7am. Go figure. So of course I wanted... sorry...needed a coffee this morning. But it was also a run day. Bah!!! So I got the boys together and off on the bus. Already in my running gear and off I went. 7km and a wonderfully hot shower later.... mmmm coffee.

I'm really happy I got out there. Today it was about 4C this morning and I started with my thin jacket, t-shirt, those one size fits all gloves, pants. Yeah the gloves lasted 1km and the jacket was taken off just halfway. Totally wished I could have been like an elite in a race where they take off their stuff and just throw it off to the side. But I like my jacket so it went around my waist.

PS. Dave Hollander (who wrote THIS Article) and his friend are Jackasses.


  1. OMG, i felt my blood boil when I saw that article!! GAHHH!! did you get your daily mile to show in kms? I edited my profile to show km but when I added the widget to my blog, the first bit shows in km but the rest of it shows in miles...I can't figure it out!