Monday, November 1, 2010

October Sucked

As far as running is concerned anyways. I'm not even going attempt to make excuses or whatever. I logged 36km for the whole month. Even before half training my lowest month was 60-some kms. Most of it was no motatvation. I had nothing to get me out there. The feeling awesome after just wasn't enough when a gloomy day was clearly winning in the mood department. Plus I got myself really worked up about Trouble which was overdone. In hindsight I realize I worried about nothing really, but I couldn't see it at the time. If something bad is going to happen to anyone in my little family its going to be him, The past almost 4 years just prove that(and his 5 hospital bracelets).

November is back on the wagon. I got there today. I'm planning on getting out there tomorrow too. Espeically since we're eating Pumpkin pie tomorrow for Hubby's birthday. Cause seriously who wants cake when your wife is going to make your favourite pie from scratch?
*BTW anyone want some pumpkin puree? I did two small cooking pumpkins and I got 3lbs of puree. Thats 3 pies worth. I'm going to have to make something else to send with him to work tomorrow just to get rid of some this stuff*

Anyways, there's a running group heading out Tuesday nights and while I'm going to miss tomorrow I'll be out there next week onward. Nothing like having others waiting for you to make sure your ass gets out there.

Oh and I can't forget to post pics of the boys from last night.
Trouble as Mr.Bones the skeleton.

Bug was supposed to be a pirate but had a last minute change of heart to last year's Superman.


  1. Dude, totally make pumpkin smoothies:
    1tsp ground flax seeds
    1tsp hemp seends (if you have them. it's fine if you leave them out)
    small handfull of berries
    3-4tbsp of puree
    a few dashes of cinnamon, nutmeg, and a splash of vanilla
    ice or almond/rice/soy/milk
    it's like a pie smoothie... for breakfast!