Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Did it again!

Yeap got out there again this morning.
another 5k done. At this rate November will kick October's ass in just over a week.

I was dressed much better. I need some ear muff thingy thought. I just wore my wide headband over my ears and that kept them feeling good in the cold. It was -2C this morning so 28F for those of you down south. Yeah Cold, but I was ok in my long sleeve and pants. I did wear those cheapy fits all mitts.
I'm sure thats what made todays run feel so much better than yesterdays.

I gotta go finish my pumpkin pie. I'll post pics of it later. Maybe I'll even be nice and share my recipe for the best ever pie dough.


  1. Nice work!! I just use a wide headband as well. If I wear too much on my head I overheat and get sick.

    YUM, pumpkin pie!