Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Silver Lining

I'm currently sidelined basically and its still not fun when its you being sidelined due to someone else. Bug is sick. Crazy fever(that started Monday and broke last night thankfully)throwing up(also now done) and we're debating strep throat right now. Was hoping to get him into the Dr today but they are already overbooked(as usual) so its my job to keep him comfy and ok till we can get to the after hours Ped's clinic when Hubby gets home.

So therefore I am not running. I usually run as you all know when the boys are in school. Well when one isn't in school I'm stuck at home. Sure I could go for a run after Hubs gets home but last night Bug wanted Mommy to stay on the couch with him and so thats what I did. His needs for me were much great than my need for a run. Ok, not by much but still.

So therefore I'm grateful for the great run I had on Monday. I did my usual 6.5k route and I did it 2 minutes faster than I did all last week. and I didn't feel as crappy as I did last week during the almost end of the run. Plus today Bug is helping me avoid heading out in the crazy winds we're having with bits of rain after the crazy storm we had last night.

Silver linings are always easy to find once to go looking for them.


  1. I am glad the silver lining is not hard to find. Glad bug is doing better. give him my hugs and kisses... hope he is better for friday.

  2. Sounds like there's a few silver linings there! Sometimes a snuggle on the couch puts all kinds of other things into perspective, too.