Monday, November 22, 2010

Starting HBBC!

Well the first two days of the HBBC didn't go to well. I got the fruit and veg in on the first day but no real exercise on day one. On day two there was not many fruit and veg since we went the Parade and enjoyed many treats, but there was about 2km of walking along that damned parade route to get to our stop then finding the coffees, hot dogs, getting back to the subway and bahh...

Today was much better. I got the F&V done by dinner and I got my run in today. I did 8.5km(5.2 miles) this morning. It was drizzling a bit at the start with a bit of hard rain, not quite a downpour but enough to soak you in the last km and a bit. It actually felt really nice since I was wearing a long sleeve shirt and it was like 11C(51F) out there and a t-shirt would have been fine.

Saturday- 1 point
Sunday- 2 points
Monday- 6 points


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