Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Schools out for Summer!

So it is here. The last day of school. The Bug is offically done JK this afternoon. Handsome Pants finished Preschool on Friday. I'm quite emotional over it all and I'm surprised at that.
It worked great for my run this morning thought.
Whenever I felt I was starting to slow down I remind myself of something.
"My baby graduated preschool."

"Hes starting JK at 3.5."
"Bug is losing another tooth."
"Bug is going to be in SK in the fall"

Great things to that help you push through to keep up the tempo pace.

You know fun stuff like my kids are growing up. *Little cry*
Its those weird happy/sad things. You're so happy that they can do more and are learning more. They are starting to be come the men they are going to be and its amazing to see that and be there for all the exciting things. But on the other hand, they are growing up and are not little. The little baby smell is gone. The cute outfits, the way they look to you for everything. Don't get me wrong I'm way more happy that they are growing up. For one its so much easier to get out and do things. Its just somewhat hard to accept I don't have babies anymore. I have little men. Who are talking about moving into their own house when they are big and tall like Daddy. But they'll come visit for dinner. Hey at least I get that still right?


  1. Aw, congrats on your little ones growing up.

    Mine are younger, but the milestones are still bittersweet.