Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Let the Training Begin!!

So today kicks off the first official day of training.

I did a 3k tempo run at about a 5:42 pace. It definitely required a bit of pushing at the end but I kept it up and didn't let myself slow down in that last km.I'm hoping its more from the tempo aspect of the run rather than the fact that I didn't get breakfast first. I'm week two into the whole running early in the morning thing and I finally saw my first other runner. It was nice to even just a friendly "hey" out to someone rather than get the "WTHell is she doing?" stares I get from some people at the bus stops.
So all in all a great way to start getting ready for Scotia. Only 66 runs to go.


  1. I just started running and am running in the morning. I haven't seen a soul yet, but must admit I'm thankful that my route doesn't make me pass bus stops.