Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Don't you love it when you have one of those Mastercard moments?
ummm....anyone? Well I do. and today I had one.

Since there was no way I was getting up early this morning I decided to run after I made dinner. All the boys could eat and I'd head out for a quick tempo and come home and eat too.

Well I was telling Bug about it while I was starting dinner and he asked to come along too. So I said sure,and after I plated food for Handy Manny and Handsome Pants we headed upstairs to get into running wear. I also grabbed some water and a quick pic.

I decided to try going around the block and kept having to remind him not to gun it, and to take it easy. We ran at his pace obiviously and talked the whole way. We had to stop once for a drink of water and then we were off again. When we got back home we were maybe 150m from 1km so I asked him if he wanted to stop or keep going to 1 whole kilometer and he wanted to go on so we did.
Bug did his first kilometer in 9(mins):10(seconds).

Check out the proud boy.

Then I was about to send him inside since we were back home to eat his dinner and head out on my tempo run and he asked if he could ride his bike with me running.
Ok sure why not?
So we got him all set and headed off once again. Together we did 3.77 km at around a 6:51 pace and again we talked the whole way and apparently his bike bell is also a radio and I got to hear lots of great songs like Down by the Bay, Skinna Marinky Dink. It wasn't the tempo run I had planned..... but

Getting your run in: great
Getting to share it with someone: Awesome
Running with your 5 year old for the first time: PRICELESS!


  1. Such a nice moment! I love getting to run with my girls!

  2. Ahh, this makes me smile. I know you are proud. Heck, I'm proud of him too and I just met the little Bug. :)