Friday, June 18, 2010

I'm still here

I swear.

So yeah as with my last post about being tired it was also making me a crappy water drinker and eater. So when I could finally find time to run in the evening after My own personal Handy Many came home I just didn't have the energy to put any sort of effort in. So after some really rough nights and days, Handsome Pants finally is staying down at night(and I totally just jinxed myself there) so this morning I finally woke up feeling not like utter crap. WOHOO!
I'm to take complete care of myself today and try to head out in the morning to get back on track. Thankfully the training plan has me still not doing even 10k yet so I'm completely ok I think and didn't lose too much. Might take a couple runs to get back to full form but I'm up for the challenge.

BTW- 99 days to my first Half!!!!


  1. Good to hear you're back on track. I always under estimated just how much of an effect sleep deprivation had on me.

    No jinxing!