Sunday, June 6, 2010

Running in the rain

...just running in the rain.
Of course it stops as I finish my run. I started out going crap crap crap(well in my head not literally, who do you think I am? Beth?). I hesitated for a minute before I got going but with the uncertainty of what the weather would be like later on, I got out there. It wasn't too bad for the first bit. the rain felt nice and all cleansing like. Not until the winds really came up around the half way mark did it start to wear me down a bit. Plus I figure it had to do with the extra water weight I was carrying around with my clothes getting soaked.

Of course, the boys know exactly how to spend mommy's running time, even with daddy home but upstairs sleeping. I came home to alphabet pretzels all over the counter as they were filling snack containers. They had climbed up to where mommy stashes the snacks so its usually out of their reach. There was gummy worms and chocolate chip cookies on the coffee table. Something tells me we've been giving them a bit too much freedom on Sunday mornings while I go running.


  1. They say dancing in the rain ain't too bad!

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