Sunday, June 20, 2010

Back in the Running Shoes

Well after just over a week off of runnning I got back out there this morning. I got 5k in before I had to head back home to do breakfast and stuff for that small even called Father's Day.I managed to keep up my regular pace and honestly if I didn't already feel bad for taking time on Father's Day I would have definitely got more in.

It did feel great being back out there though, even with the warmth. Saw lots of runners, walkers and bikers out there. Not surprisingly Taylor Creek is really popular on a Sunday morning.

Oh and just because I am sooooo proud of my personal Handy Manny, here is a picture of the Farmhouse Table he made me. He finished it yesterday and I LOVE it.I get to sand and stain it but its all made.

and him posing with it, just because.


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