Sunday, July 4, 2010

Visiting Nana and Papa

Now with the end of the school year we had to make the trek to my parents. Its been quite a while since we were here last. I didn't do my friday run cause we were just hanging out and HandsomePants ended up having a nap which meant a late night for us.
The boys of course are having a blast. We've been swimming in the pool at my parent's apartment complex. We've been at the park of course, they have a merry go round there and a train that does this little loop which the boys love. Yesterday we hit up the Elora Gorge. It was quite a trek down the sides so we could throw rocks into the river.

This morning I did get out for the planned 10km run. I got lost twice. It was an out and back and the first time was on the way out, actually really early in the run but it only added maybe a 1/2 km before I found the route again. It was really hot but thankfully there was lots of shady spots. The great part of doing a route that I haven't done before is that I actually take the view in. Definitely helps the km pass by quickly. Thankfully paying attention to the view on the way out helped me not get lost on the way back. I did one turn and realized that I didn't remember passing this interesting car. Turned around and found my way home. If the swimming pool was open I think I would have jumped in fully dressed in my gear. Nothing like cold pool water for an ice bath, but figured I could wait till later to go swimming. Besides who wants to miss Sunday morning pancakes.


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