Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Weird in the morning

So I know everyone has those runs where you head out and it feels like your not into it. Either physically or mentally, something is just not there. I was supposed to do a 4k tempo this morning and after the first little bit realised that that I feel like I'm going so slow and decide that I'll settle for a 4k steady run, since clearly a tempo isn't is the works. I have my garmin set to track my kms and whenever it beeps I don't bother looking at it. Ok I did once and all I saw was the __:40something and though UGH I'm usually around 6:00'km for steady run. Bah oh well mentally I'm good so lets just keep at it.

Side story

I was about over half way in my run and this short (like around my height) I guess Indian guy looking in his late 20s-early 30s starts to ask me a question so I stop. I'm thinking its about the local transit since we're near a subway station and it was still on nights service and he wanted to know when the subway opened up or something.
He points down the street to a local bar that's kind of a dive I guess and he asks me if its a brothel!!!
How do you answer that???
"Ummm I think that's illegal here and yeah I think its just bar where you get booze."
Needless to say I didn't stay long, but I've been laughing about it all day.

Anyways I get home. Go look at the crappy kms and pace I did during my run and actually I did way better than I thought. My pace was an average of 6:04/km. I was totally doing my normal pace and it just felt off! Apparently that __:40something was 5:40something. That right there just totally made my day.

Do you encounter anything weird on your runs? Things? people? Got any good stories to tell?


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