Sunday, May 30, 2010

Good Morning Sunshine

4 of 4 runs done for the week.
I went a lot slower than I initially wanted to but I more wanted to get in the distance than getting it in within a certain time. I love seeing all the people out there so early and already starting their day. Whenever in a couple years when we (sorry I) give in to the whole getting a dog thing, we 'll have to get a active one. To see people out there running with their dogs makes me eager for that. I also love to do some window shopping whenever I'm running down on Queen some of those stores are so nice but pricey eek like more than running room pricey and thats just regular stuff. It was so wonderful whenever I was running in the shade. The sun was already insanely hot out there at 7:30am but thats just more signs that summer is almost here.

Have I mentioned how much I love my fuel belt?

I'm apparently one of the weird people who are not a huge fan of handhelds. My hands sweat and then its all I can think of. Plus the the pocket for stuff is bigger so thats always a plus. Maybe I'll throw in one of those homemade Cliff bars I'm going to try and make tomorrow.

Next week is the official start of my training runs. I've planned them all out on a calendar and I'll have 67 runs to complete leading up to race day. It seems so far away still but something tells me its not.


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