Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Me? a Speaker?

So I've been for the most part enjoying my freedom. But I had something exciting to share with you all.

Last night I went to the other side of the city and did a motivational talk with the Learn To Run and Fitness Walking Clinics at the High Park Running Room. One of my friends is the leader of the FW and I guess she thought it would be nice to share my story and show off my bling. I figured "Sure, why not?" So I basically told them how I started right where they are and worked my way up. I think I did scare a few when we talked about the higher clinics and what they entail (the hill training, speed work, longer distances)

It was also great to see how encouraged some were from my I want to do that! story. I was nervous but it was great being able to tell others that I was where you are and if you want to further it is totally possible. That they should be proud of what they are doing now because as that saying goes...

Afterwards I joined the walkers for their workout. I helped my friend out and got the slower one in the back moving a bit by keeping her talking. We did 6k (4miles) in an hour and it was great. I even got to find out how the walking clinics work and help give them advice on where to get cheap tech clothes and my tips for being active outside in the winter. I would have loved to join the LTR but I was more eager to hang out with my friend (who BTW made me an awesome dinner).

Seriously some of the talks alone are one of the reasons I like the Running Room's clinics so much. There are some more technical talks about clothing and nutrition and stretches/phyiso and its always great to be able to get information straight from someone who knows it rather than searching online and in books that will usually have conflicting advice. So it was great to be able to share the (limited) information that I know with others and encourage them on the great effort they are doing.


  1. It's always nice to hear from different people - awesome that you were able to do the talk and give back a bit!

  2. Nice work! What a great thing to do.

  3. Good for you for being willing to share your experience, I'm sure you motivated more people than you realize! I found your blog through the Hope Endures Virtual 5k, I'm planning to do it as well. Happy running! Laura