Thursday, November 3, 2011

Three Things Thrusday

 I'm still around. Obviously.
This week has basically been a total write off. With Monday being a major write off and Tuesday being a catch up and yesterday being a birthday, today was the first chance I had to get a run in really.

But I only got just over 1.5k. I'm not even putting it in daily mile. I fought myself going out. It was more about the "I Should"s. I should run today. It wasn't a "I Need". There are a bunch of excuses I could use and some of them would actually be legitimate but in reality its was just that I didn't want to. I couldn't imagine going any further and having a whole run suck. So I stopped and walked home.

I knew better. This week was busy and I knew my runs would suffer, but there is always next week and a chance to be more into my running again.

Speaking of Birthdays, Yesterday was Handy Man's birthday. He is now in a whole new decade. At 30 I made sure that he knew if he was a runner he'd be in a new age group and have a better chance at placing higher. He laughed at that one. We didn't do to much since we had a Beaver meeting after dinner but he got some yummy cake that Trouble and I made for him. This weekend is his birthday party. My house will be taken over for a fun night of family and friends.

On Sunday I went out with some friends from the marathon group. We did just under 12k and it was great. While we were running we were talking about races we were thinking of signing up for. If I were to do a clinic again, the Half on started this week and would get me to Around the Bay but after that race the other half clinic and the full clinic would be half way done. So I'd have to pay for an extra clinic but miss most of it. A couple of them were mentioning that I should sign up for the Marathon Clinic again(in Jan) for my Around the Bay race in March. That way the training will get me back up to that distance(and I'd be running with friends) before the race and then if I wanted to I could knock out an awesome half in May or I could stay and work on my full.

The worst part about that was I was actually considering it! Seriously?!!!
People told me this would happen. One is never enough. I should know better since of how my personality is, but come on Jess!

Regardless neither May race I'm looking at sells out come end of March (or usually at all) so I could do Around the Bay and then decide my May race.

Man while #1 shows that running can be rough #3 shows that its still addicting. BTW Handy Man laughed at me and said "I told you so" after I mentioned the talk me and my friends had on Sunday.


  1. You will love ATB and I know a lot of runners who train with the marathon group for that race. Might as well have the support, and the distance works out great. Then you can decide on May. :)

  2. You'll do another marathon. It's not if, it's when. ;)