Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Winter... Its a coming!

For the past couple weeks when I run I've moved on to pants instead of capris or shorts. Long sleeve shirts from tanks and t-shirts. Today I've also added my windbreaker running jacket. While I'm thrilled that I have pockets for mitts when my hands over heat and a place to hold my tissues. I'm sad that I have to start bundling up more.

Honestly its pretty much because more clothes worn while running = more clothes to wash. I can handle the cold once I'm out there. Its the whole getting ready thing that shows my wimpy side.

I would like a new running jacket though.
I currently wear this
in the light pink. Had there been a brighter pink available when I got mine I would have gotten it for sure.
It NEEDS vents. That's the main reason I haven't changed it up yet. The one above has great vents. and it needs to NOT be black. I've been looking online but its hard to judge when your not touching it. I over heat easily and therefore don't go crazy on layers.

Maybe Santa will be nice and get me a new jacket. (I'd be doing a hint hint thing here but HandyMan doesn't read my blog I don't think.....But my parents do......)


  1. I sure hope santa is listening because you deserve this!