Sunday, December 4, 2011

Figuring it out.

Well I haven't really been posting but that's also because I haven't been running. Opps Bad me.

Thought I haven't been running since my stomach was feeling horrible. Totally TMI but it was horrible in a I'm wasn't sure if I could reach a bathroom in time kind of way. I went and look online (I know I'm not supposed to listen to Dr. Google) and found that a lot of my symptoms were similar to a dairy intolerance. Funny enough I had one when I was  baby/toddler but grew out of it. I'm guessing it came back. Talked to Doctor at the walk in clinic and he suggested I try going dairy free first for about two weeks and if it doesn't improve at all in that time frame that then we'd run tests for other stuff.

So today was day 1.
Its been great actually. Its the first day all week that I'm pain free. I picked up some soy milk at the grocery store and I'll be careful this week to watch what I'm eating.

I'm going to miss my lattes though. We have a Tassimo machine and I drink those lattes and I muchly prefer them to regular coffees. So that's going to be sad and its going to a take a while to get over.

We'll see how the rest of the week goes and I'll decide from there what I do for the long term but today has me nicely optimistic.

In good news since figuring this out I decided to try a run today since I was less concerned with finding a bathroom and I managed to get in an almost 10k run with friends. It was great. It felt harder at the end but its been over  a week of no running I'm really happy with how it went.


  1. I hope that you are feeling better and not doing dairy is heping out. Yah for getting in a 10k run!