Saturday, October 15, 2011

I want to do that!

Most would think that the path that has taken me to my first Marathon started August 1 2009(That would be the first day of my Learn to Run Clinic)

Nope. That day I went into it thinking that if I could do 5k a couple times a week then that would definitely help me stay healthy.

The date that I believe led me to here was September 27 2009. Just a couple weeks later. I know I've mentioned this before but humour me. The Learn to Run clinic had finished our run and I don't even remember the intervals that we did that day. What I do remember is that when we went back to the store a staff member was at the door telling us that the leaders of the Marathon would be coming through here in about 30 minutes. It was the first time Scotia would bring the Marathon through our part of the city so it was exciting so of course I stayed.

The lead car came by and the runners weren't far behind at all but I watched them speed past me. I got teary eyed and cheered them on. It was amazing to see the speed they had and that they were so far into a race and clearly pushing it but they looked so fresh still.  I was awed. Simple as that.

I talked with some people around me about what we all just saw and slowly more runners were running past us. They were fast too and as time went on they were less fast, more of a pace I thought I was doing (though with far less distance). But

They were regular people!

They weren't going for prizes and cash. They were running and had trained for months just to run a route and get a medal at the end. I cheered harder for them than I did the leaders. I tried to encourage those that were taking walk breaks. I high fived a couple people. I saw Marlene in there at some point and was excited that I "knew" someone in there.

Though the sore hands from clapping, the getting sore throat from cheering, I realized something.

I wanted to run the Scotia Full. I wanted to run the Marathon down in the Beaches like I saw others do that day just over 2 years ago.

I want to do that!

Tomorrow morning, I'll be wearing a Marathon bib and at the starting line ready to take the first steps to being a Marathoner.


  1. I can't wait to hear all about it! Have an awesome race! I'm going to stalk your bib number.

  2. Goosebumps!!! I remember having a moment like that. Not many actually make it happen but LOOK AT YOU NOW! Good luck tomorrow, can't wait to read about your first 42.2!

  3. seeing the elites is amazing, but watching everyone else run is inspiring! you will rawk the course go!! will be tracking you all morning!

  4. I cant wait to hear about your run and you will do awesome!! I think its awesome how that one day changed you for today, awesome!