Monday, September 12, 2011

Why Hello there,

Well the first week back to school was busy. Whew.

I still managed to get all my runs in.
Wednesday was the grand hill finale the Marathon clinic dubs "Tour de Hills". We did the 10 hills that I posted other day. You know it was hard but it was good. Some of the hills were steep, others were just long gradual ones(I hate those ones the most). But afterwards I always feel great. You were supposed to pick a estimated finish time and one of the guys from the store was keeping track. I figured it would take 1:30 to finish. I actually did it in 1:21. So that was nice. I got a running hat and some deodorant samples.

On clinic night we had a talk from an area runner who has run Boston a couple times, who has done Iron mans. Hes also a realist. He'll be honest with you if he thinks your goals are too lofty. But he was also great for race prep. It was just a couple small things that made you think "oh yeah, that makes sense". The only issue we had with his talk was that he can talk forever about this stuff and by time we got out for our run it was getting dark and I didn't really realize how quickly it was getting dark till I was in the peanut running and since it doesn't get lit at night it was woah getting dark. So my recovery run was less so of one since we had to get out of the unlit paths.

But even with that I still felt great with Sundays long run. It was a fall back week with 23k. I actually did just about that but we did a water station break and I stopped my watch and it took me over half a KM to realize I forgot to turn it back on. But I did manage to keep my entire run above my marathon goal pace by a bit and match my half time with my fastest half so that caused a happy dance at one point.

Now I'm getting set for the new week. I must say I'm looking forward to the couple hours of freedom in the mornings now.


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