Thursday, September 1, 2011

Three Things Thrusday!

Last night was hill again. It was our second last night so we did 9 of the suckers. I hate them but I get the why of doing them and apparently I'm strong on hills. I'm usually in the back when we start off but as we progress through them I get faster(which I think we're supposed to be doing) or others are getting slower. Usually I've noticed that if I pass someone from the group usually they don't get the chance to pass me back. Occasionally I'll play back and forth with one or two people but for the most part I usually end up in the middle of the group by the end. I kinda love that.

Speaking of last nights run.....My segue are awesome I know. Anyways that run obviously finished off the month and brought me to a new distance PR! In August I ran a total of  205.21 km. My last highest month was 150 in May. Yeah Marathon training really puts the distance in. Also right now I'm about 90km short from hitting 1000km for the year so far. How freaking amazing is that!!!!? Last year I got to just under 900km total and I've already passed that and there is still 4 months worth of running to add.  I've seen other bloggers post a end of the month thing, I should really start doing that.

Other than just running a lot I've been canning!
We bough 3 bushels of tomatoes this year. So far I've made tomato sauce out of 1.5 bushels and I have 13(was supposed to be 14 but 1 broke) wonderful jars of homemade deliciousness. Last year on a whim we saw that our grocery store was selling bushels so we figured "hey why not grab one and make some sauce, we've talked about wanting to do stuff like that before" so we grabbed one and made about 8 1 litre jars of sauce and it was great. Honestly we were sad when we finished the last jar so this year we planned to get 2. Handy Mandy decided at the last minute to grab a 3rd for salsa and soup. I promise there will be pictures of all this craziness.


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