Monday, September 5, 2011


Ok I get. Not everyone likes running.
Those who don't get it, don't have to.
But some that don't also don't have to ridicule those of us who do love running.

I was going to post about my hitting the wall in my long run this weekend but since a conversation I had on Sunday brought up these feelings again I knew I had to post about this instead.

Someone who has no desire to run told me that she sees running as a form of punishment. That those that run like to torture themselves since there is noting good about running. I should point out here that she knows I'm a runner. That I'm training for a marathon right now. I found myself getting defensive and after a bit some of the comments from those that thought of running differently than me was getting laughs so I let it go and just kinda laughed along with everyone.

But in all honestly it pissed me off. I don't ask that those in my life love running or know what the hell I'm talking about when I'm getting into it.
My parents have a motorcycle, couldn't tell a thing about it other than that its a Harley and its red. Handy Manny has a room full of tools for his woodworking that I have no clue what they do. And quite honestly I don't really care. I still am supportive.

I just want to be supported in what I do. I know I have people I can turn to for that support. I shouldn't have to explain that running is somewhat cheaper than therapy and that it is my therapy. That my weight has been within two pounds for the past two years and my clothes size is getting smaller because I'm fitter and eating well. I have more energy and stamina for lots of things now. I know that I've kinda lost friends in part because of running. I'm not one to go out for drinks on weekend because I'm training. I can't get together last minute because this training thing is tiring so I do very few late nights now.

There is really no need at all to put down someone else's activities. It doesn't make you look better to insult what someone else works hard at. It actually makes you look jealous and petty. If its not for you that's fine, it doesn't have to be.

Oh and I for sure asked for a BIG piece of cake since I ran 30k the day before and was eating well this week. I could afford a good piece of cake rather than having a sliver of cake cause they were watching their weight. Neener Neener!


  1. Maybe for her it's a form of torture, and there is nothing good about it for her.

    Good news for her is, she doesn't have to run!

    I (obviously) disagree with her sentiments, so you know you and I are on the same wavelength.

    You've got so much support probably from most people that read your blog too, enjoy your running!

  2. i saw this post and my back went up for you! i had this a LOT when i first started training or when people hear i get up at 5am to run or do bootcamp... i put up with some really negative comments from a lot of people and i can't tell you how mad it would make me. it really made me angry because if there's anything that i am, is supportive of others!!!

    honestly...i think what it is is that when people hear something like that, it makes them look at themselves and what they're doing and maybe it makes them feel inadequate. it's not funny, and makes them sound very jealous and petty. now when people bug me about it, i just remember that it's their problem, not mine!

    so yes...neener neener to them and enjoy your cake...and of course, your friends in bloggieland support you wholly!