Monday, September 26, 2011

Last Long Run

Yesterday we did the last offical long run. 32k. Now taper will start.

BTW- 20 days to go!

Yesterday's run wasn't the great. We did loose verison of a chunk of the Marathon route. Link HERE. The reason the run sucked? My calf started acting up around 22k. I was constantly stopping to stretch and had to take it easy so I could finish. As soon as I got back home I stretched more, rolled, iced, and today its more of the same.

Thankfully my new CEP compression sleeves came in the mail today. I ordered them so I'd have them for after the Marathon. Well one is currently in use on my calf and I must say having to go up and down the stairs doesn't hurt a bit now. I've decided to cut out speedwork this week. I'm not about to risk months of effort and hard work. The plan this week is to take every run easy.


  1. So I totally don't understand taper time. Is it mainly for big runs or should I be tapering for the half? Sorry did you know you are now my taper expert, haha!

  2. Hopefully your calf is feeling better pronto! I think it's a good plan to cut out speedwork. You aren't going to get any faster in the time left, so you may as well take care of yourself.

  3. Courtney, I did a two week taper I guess when I did my half last year. I topped out at 20km (12.5 miles roughly) two weeks before the race. so the week before I think I did 6k(4 miles)for the long run. Its mostly to let your body rest and get ready for the challenge ahead. You are supposed to decrease your amount of running but not the intensity. Make sense?