Thursday, September 22, 2011

Three Things Thrusday

1.It's Curriculum Night at the boy's school. We'll get to go and hear the teacher talk about whats going on for the year. We'll get to see classrooms and see where they sit. The boys are really excited. Handy Manny is excited since we're going to his favourite sushi place for dinner before hand.

So we did our second round of speed work last night. I took off the auto lap thing and remembered to hit the lap button as I finished each interval. My numbers were somewhat not really consistent but since it was raining and dark out, I was trying to see my interval numbers by the street lamps and to me it looked like I was going slow for the last 2 speed intervals and I couldn't really figure out why I felt like throwing up after that 3rd one. Well I plugged in my watch after I came home and saw this

Warm up  5:59
Speed #1 4:39
Recover   5:55
Speed #2 5:02
Recover  6:05
Speed #3 5:01
Recover  6:07
Speed #4 5:10
Recover 6:14
Speed #5 5:16
Recover 6:28 (had to fix shoelace at one point)
Cool down back to store 6:24

Yeah what I thought I saw out there was so not what was above. I'm guessing its because I kept the average pace window up so I couldn't see how fast I was actually going. I'm slowly figuring this stuff out.

3. Saturday we're off to the Farm! We get our beef from a friend of ours who obviously owns a farm and we're going to see it today. The boys will get to ride a tractor and we'll go play in the woods, Maybe the barn too if the cows are out of it. We'll do a nice lunch and hang out with some great friends. I'll definitely have some pictures to show you aftewards.


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