Thursday, September 15, 2011

Speedy Me!

Who needs a Three Things Thursday when you can talk about speed!

Last night was the clinics first night of speed work. There was actually an option of doing 5 x 1km speed intervals or doing a 10k tempo. I double check what my speed pace was and gulped when I saw the 5:37 pace. Yeah I don't know how to convert that for any American readers. I actually spent a good chunk of my day internally debating with myself.

-Speed work, it'll help with lactic threshold
-Tempo, what if I get injured during speed
-Speed work, it'll be useful come race day
-Tempo, but that pace is fast

Seriously that debate went on for what felt like forever.
But of course when it came down to it. I choose the speed work. And not just because the cool kids were doing it. Actually more people opted for tempo that speed. I talked to the B and she said to just do what I can. If its 2 intervals then great, all 5 great. That if it hurts in a way it shouldn't to stop. Simple as that.

So I set out a goal of at least 3 intervals. Now I'm not sure exactly what I did interval at. I know it was the area of my goal pace since the average pace number on my watch was are around it. But I forgot to take the auto lap off. So while it was marking every KM, It took us over 2km to get to where we were doing the workout and I didn't reset it. I think twice my watch lined up with the start of either a speed part or the recovery part. and it showed my paces where I wanted them to be. Mostly I went on feel.

Some of the faster runners in the group doing speed decided to do 800s with 300 recovery. (and I love that I kinda sound like I know what I'm talking about) so they finished when I was finishing my 3rd set. So I stopped and talked to them for a couple mins. B was nursing a tender foot so she was running our route but not doing speed work and I mentioned to her and M that I was debating doing a 4th interval. They both said that they'd do it with me, otherwise they were going to stop too. So I said fine lets go and while that was the hardest one since they are both a bit speedier than me and I didn't want to let them get to far ahead, it felt great knowing that I could keep up with them for that bit. M actually thanked me for pushing her to get that last one in, because she wasn't going to without the peer pressure and she was glad she did it.

My legs actually don't feel bad this morning. I know after some long run and the hill workout my legs feel a bit heavy the next day and today I'm not noticing that. I am noticing a black toenail developing on my left foot.But that I think is more of a sock issue.

So next week I'll set a goal of 4 intervals.
I'll take the auto lap off my watch so I can get a better idea of what I'm doing out there.
Am I weird in that while the workout sucks in the moment, afterwards I think that it (I'm) awesome? Wait don't answer that.