Sunday, September 18, 2011

Getting Closer!

Today was my second last long run. Eeek. Shit is getting real.
I think I'll actually lose it for a couple minutes when I get my bib number.

So today's run went really Really well.

It took up back up to Edward's Gardens. There's lots of shade from trees in the parks. There's a couple bathrooms if pits stops are needed and of course a good couple water fountains. Honestly the only thing I don't like about this run is that around 5-6k and 23-34k we run basically next to my house. Its so close and its hard to have to run away from it on the way back to the store.

Today was also Terry Fox Run day. So we got caught in one and ended up walking a bit more than normal but it was good. The weather was great. It did get hot in the end with the sun but it was to be expected it was around noon by then.

My main goal for the long run was to try and keep it around race pace again like I did last week. I did a 6:22 and I need a 6:24 to get my top goal time. So its looking doable. Granted 10k will be brand new on race day so imagine I will end up slowly down a bit in that last while.

Next week we're doing our last long run 32k. We'll be doing the Lakeshore and covering some of the actual race route or as close as we can to it. Then we taper.

Eekkk. Its getting real!


  1. wheeeee!!! i giggle a bit when i read 'shit is getting real'...i can't believe it's just a few short weeks away!!

  2. You are doing so awesome! I can't believe it's almost here!

  3. PS: the verification word for my first comment was "tries". As a certified tri-pusher, I take that as a sign that you need to train for a triathlon once you're through the marathon. ;)

  4. Deb, I'd need to learn how to swim and get over a fear of biking near cars. LOL.

  5. Haha, not a good enough excuse. ;) I had to both of those things too and I still have to get over my fear of going fast downhills...