Monday, March 21, 2011

You'd think I'd learn by now....

That when I schedule my running around my family's schedule, there will be kinks. Since I ususally run while Hubby is at work and the boys are at school, it generally works well. Except for when we have hoildays. Like the week of March Break that we just had.

Now I know a good chunk of my lack of running last week was also due to the frigging cold I have/had. I only got one run of 5k in. It was a great 5k so I'll take it but between the boys being around and me having a hard time picking a good time to get out there and the coughing and sinus pressure it was hard even thinking of getting out.

Thankfully things were back to normal today. The boys went to school and I went out for my usual 6k run. It was basically misting rain and was above 0 so I was in heaven. The only real issue I had was that I wore a tshirt with a long sleeve jacket and my regular pants to protect me in case the winds or the rain started up, but I still was overheating. Would have been ok had I worn my capris I think.

Has spring fever hit anyone else?
Ahh man the list of things I want to do is getting crazy. Mostly because its all boring stuff like cleaning the oven and fridge. Decluttering stuff and rearranging furniture.

Thankfully theres lots of baking in the plans as well. Today we made banana bread. Tomorrow we're looking at blueberry muffins for me (and I guess I could share with hubby) and mini chocolate chip muffins for the boys to take as part of their snacks for school. I'm even debating making more energy bars again. I'm loving the idea of yummy baking thats freezeable so I can enjoy it for way longer. A batch of homemade cookies never lasts a week in this house, we'll be lucky if the banana bread lasts 3 days.

BTW: Today I cashed in my free coffee win from Thrusday. Won a donut.
Is this a sign I should get a lottery ticket this week?


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