Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Great Aspirations

We all have them.
Sometimes they seem these out in the stars, impossible to reach things, that you think wishfully about.
Sometimes they make you realize that you want to do something else with your life, and put the wheels in motion.
Sometimes they are totally attainable but are just downright scary enough to make you hesitate to take those first steps.

It starts young. We ask little children what they want to be when they grow up. Currently my children are not aiming to high. Well Shorty is, she's debating a couple thing really. Like she wanted to be a paleontologist for the longest time. Now she's thinking geologist. The boys? Well I mean they are younger so it'll probley change. Right now Bug wants to be a Taxi driver, because they get to drive cars around all day. Trouble, wants to work with the cement truck on construction sites. Now that one could easily stay the same.

I wanted to lots of things. A teacher, a photographer and a chef topped my list. I even went to culinary school and worked in kitchens. I even met the Dali Lama, when he was speaking here years ago.

But right now my main aspiration is to run a marathon. Its that last one in the top paragraph. I Love watching the elites at races. I dutifully watch Boston every year, even thought there was never a thought of me running it. They don't air New York here but I spent $5 to stream it live on my computer last year. I even get teary eyed watching them cross the finish line. But imaging me doing that distance scares me worse than seeing a bunch of spiders(If I know theres a spider in a room, I cannot/will not be in that room). Its attainable through some hard work, taking care of myself. So scary but doable. I might end up bugging all the marathoners here with questions in the coming while. I apologize now in advance.

The boys also have some interesting goals. Bug wants to be as tall as daddy and fast as mommy. I'm sure those are a given. At 6 he's currently 3/4 of my height and its looking like he takes after daddy's side of the family for height. At his first race last year, he did his 1km run in 7:11. Yeah he'll be zooming by me in no time. Trouble wants to get to 7 and be tall like Shorty. The getting to 7 thing might be interesting since when he injures himself he seems to like getting hurt in the head the most. :P

I'm clearly going to be the shortest in the house once the boys hit puberty.

This is from last summer. Look at Shorty, shes not even standing straight in this picture.

Do you think I could aspire for Hubby to buy me more heels?

What aspiration do you have right now?


  1. love the pic! as you know, my goal is the marathon too...if you do it, i'll do it...we can virtually train together!! and i get teary eyed watching races too...ther's nothing like how you feel when you cross that line!