Friday, March 11, 2011

I sick

That crappy cold that Trouble gave me.... yeah I still got it.
Its a lovely chest cold and in my sinuses. At times it hurts to bend down and help the boys build stuff with lego. Thank goodness for some meds otherwise I'd forget what needs to be done.

I've still been running but trying to take it easy. Today was supposed to be 10km but the weather cannot make up its mind and this morning it was raining, snowing, crazy winds so I figured I'd see what I could do on the treadmill.

Can someone tell me why the gym has heat on? 5k in I stopped to blow my nose and felt like I would pass out. I did eat breakfast and I've been eating well and drinking my water, so I know it wasn't from lack of nutrition. I even wore my shorts and showed off the sexy leg(which was the first time anyone other than Hubby and the boys have seen it and no one stared or ran away from what I could see). I'm currently debating whether to run after Hubby gets home after work today or to run tomorrow morning. Regardless its going to be a soggy run.

March break has offically started in our house. I'm taking the boys to visit my parents for a couple days since we haven't seen them since Christmas and we're missing them badly. When we get back I have a super fun dentist appointment lined up and we'll probely get a sleepover in with Bug's best friend.


  1. march break in our house too...enjoy and rest up.

  2. rest up! it totally sucks when weather hampers running plans.