Thursday, March 17, 2011

We're Back!!!!

Miss me?

I spent a good chunk of time today just trying to catch up on blogs today. I had a list of blogs in my email but deleted it for some dumb crazy reason. So it was impossible to read all the blogs. I have most in my sidebar but definitely not all (need to update that I guess).

We had a great couple of days hanging out with my parents and the boys LOVED it. Nana and Papa are their favourite. Like literally.... when we go there I become chop liver. I did get 1 run in. 5k and it was wonderful. I felt great throughout and the weather was AMAZING. I wasn't faster or anything but man good weather is such a pick me up.

But we are back and already on the roll. Bug has his best friend over for a sleepover tonight.

And of course we're wearing our Green for St. Patrick's Day.
In fact I got lucky today
(Dude not in that sense... mind outta the gutter people)
in that I got a free coffee in Roll up the Rim to Win with Tim Hortons.

(learning how to do self pics with a smartphone.....its going to take a while)

See it counts to be Irish...... well married to an Irishman so you get the lucky last name.


  1. free coffee is nice ... a free Guinness would be better