Sunday, March 6, 2011

Cold Go Away!

Things are finally calming down after the crazy weekend. I don't have any pictures yet from the 80's themed party, But I'll post if I get ahold of some.

Bug's birthday was great. It actually was almost a whole weekend celebration. His actual birthday was on Friday and he got his crown from his class.

I should point out that he wore this crown all weekend long. His birthday dinner choice was pizza so we ordered in. Thank goodness, since I spent my day decorating my awesome car cookies.

He got some new lego from us and we enjoyed some cupcakes. Satuday was getting some last minute party stuff and hanging around playing video games and party party for me.

Sunday was great minus the fact that it had rained all day Saturday and then started snowing around midnight. SO most people including us were late due to car doors sticking. The party was blast though. Nothing made my day more than hearing everyone like the cupcakes and one boy came and told me he liked the pipping of the buttercream on top. I'll post some more pictures later when my camera is finished charging and I can get the pictures off it.

Of course I caught Trouble's cold and thankfully it waited till Sunday afternoon to drag me down. Yesterdays run was cancelled due to the chest cold part of it but today I was antsy and had to get out there. I'm really glad I did since it went really well.

Can winter go away yet? I bet Father Christmas didn't get Mother Nature a gift and we're all paying for it.


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