Friday, March 25, 2011

Bad me.

So yeah today was long run day. 12k.

Yeah didn't happen.

Hubs is heading out right from work for a beaver leader training thing that goes till late tomorrow. Its out of town so he has the only car :(
And of course there was errands to be taken care of while the boys were in school so I wouldn't have to be dragging them along with me this afternoon.

I do really need to get over the dislike of using a babysitter while I run. Especially since running during March Break didn't work out, and then today with lots of things to do but so little time to do it in sans kids. We have this lovely lady around the corner who watchs kids and she has watched the boys before. She mentioned she likes having the boys over even just for little bits to play with the other kids there. Bah. Slowly I'll get over this. I just have to remember that when people offer, its not putting them out.

I'm be doing my long run Sunday morning instead. Route is already planned, as is that Daddy will be in charge of making the pancakes for breakfast. Nothing like hot food fresh and waiting for you after a run.

So its movie and popcorn night here tonight. Still not exactly sure what we'll watch. Tomorrow the little men want to go to the Science Center. I'm sure I'll get a few KMs in just chasing following them around.


  1. I am trying to give up all remaining guilt about taking the time I need for my runs. It probably would make it easier for the lady around the corner. I find when I have extra kids over, things are less hectic then when it's just mine.