Thursday, March 3, 2011

Three Things Thrusday

Happy Birthday to one of my best freinds Melissa!

Thats Melissa (obvs) and her hubby Gary.

She's having a rocking 80's themed party to celebrate her 30th and yes dressing up is required so they'll be some pics after this weekend.

This weekend is also Bug's 6th birthday party(actual day is tomorrow). Currently I'm working on sugar cookies to go in the loot buckets. I'm looking at doing either 60 some cookies or 80 some. It all depends if I feel 3 cookies each is enough or if I want do to 4 each. I'd say its a pain but it involves cookie cutters and royal icing so I'm in heaven. Once my piping skills are better I would love to have a shop where I make and decorate sugar cookies. Le sigh.

Check out our his and her watches.

Most couples go for the nicer, fancier watches but not us. Timex Ironman all the way baby. Which is funny since neither of us would ever want to do an Ironman. Also interesting is the fact that while Hubby and I have been together for 11 years I've known him for 15 years he's always had that same watch. Sure the band has been changed a couple times so its gonna be a sad day whenever that dies.


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