Friday, August 13, 2010


Well this has been a fun week. hahahahaha. Yeah no. Not really.

I mean the Michael Buble concert rocked. It was amazing and I would definitely go see him again any chance I could get.

Otherwise. I have no desire to eat well, to make sure I get my water into me. I mean I am eating somewhat decently and I am drinking more water than juice and coffee and no pop so thats good. Right?

I'm in a funk this week. I've decided that I'm not doing tempos anymore earlier and I think I'm going to give up the planned hill repeats, well adding more hills to it anyways. I think 5 hills is enought. Training is taking the fun out of running. I hve no issue getting out there for my steady runs or my long run but the hills and tempo keep getting put off or ignored completely at the moment. I'm just going to run. If I go fast great. If I do hills during runs then awesome. I want to go into my first half being happy about the effort its taken me to get there. Not thinking thank gawd I'm done with the serious training.

So anyone have an island I can run away too? I'll bring the books and treats and the pop music filled Ipod.


  1. If you find an island, let me know. I'll bring the chocolate.