Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hot morning in the Summertime

I started running in the mornings mostly to hide somewhat from the heat of summer. So up I get at 5am and out the door I go. Today was a short run, I'm supposed to do hills but my legs keeps cramping up every so often so I decided to just to do a nice and easy run in the neighbourhood so I could pop back home if I had to.
But my Gawd. It was 30 degrees (with the humidex) out there at 5:15 when I walked out the door! (That's 86 for those down south). I swear the hot weather is following me to the early hours. I might need to start heading out Marlene early to avoid the heat.

The Bug how rides a two wheeler. We tried it out over the long weekend and he does well when hes not around other people. They make him nervous. But we did get him some bike gloves. He wanted them last time we went to the bike store to get Trouble's bike helmet, and we had told him when he rides a two wheeler we'll get them and of course after his first ride it was the first thing he mentioned, "I need my bike gloves like daddy". I think our family has another athlete on the go.


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