Sunday, August 8, 2010

Good and Icy.

Well I got my long run of 16k(10 miles for the US folk) in this morning. About 2k in I started to feel some drizzle, but hoped that it wouldn't amount to much till after my run. Yeah.... at about 5k it started to pour. It only poured for about 3k I figure since I'm not exactly sure when it stopped and went back to a drizzle since I was drenched.

I took a new route that basically took me up to where my next race is happening. Its weird now being at distances that really take me out to new places and allow me to stay on the trails/bike paths rather than having to be on sidewalks.

I was a bit worried about this run since for the past all my long runs have been with at least one other person so I had someone to keep me going and push me. Today's run, I was all by myself. I just made sure my Ipod was stocked with some good music. I had to take a quick walk break every km from 13 on since the nice break from humidity we had the past two days was leaving and I could the stickiness starting up again. But I got it all done. I'm thinking I might need something other than just water on my long runs too. Since the next while has me adding to my distances and going out further, I'm getting tired in the last 1/3 of the run.

Afterwards I decided to try something new for recovery and took my first ice bath. OMG that sucker was cold. Like Lake Ontario cold. Thankfully the kids were no where near the bathroom so they didn't hear me swear as I was getting in. Though my legs do feel better from it, and aren't too sore to move.

Oh and two days to the Micheal Buble concert!!!!!!
My mom is coming to watch the little men (Best Nana EVER!)